Chapter One

Halloween is in three weeks and I need a costume that doesn’t cost much. I could wear the Star Trek Red Dress costume I made for GenCon, but,  that would not make me very crafty. If you are a lady looking for a quick and cheap costume I would suggest visiting the site She has a few other easy costume idea that are easy and cheep to make along with some really cute how-to-make dresses.

So my quest begins:

  1. I found out Martha Steward has this dollar store costume challenge   but the costumes are mostly targeted to children.
  2. I found a site that has a tutorial to make the  LeeLoo  from the Fifth Element  suspenders. The tutorial to make the suspenders is here. I am nerdy enough to really want to make this but I would still need a wig(or temporary hair die since my hair is already the right length),  white t-shirt, and the tan spandex pants. I am not daring enough to wear the other LeeLoo costume choice, but, needless to say the other costume is much cheaper to make.
  3. There is also the 8-bit-video-game costume idea that appeals to me. The tutorial is in part one and two.
  4. Or take the same idea of the card board cut out but make a Creeper from Minecraft costume. Why? because Creepers are cool! It would also be fun to “sneak up” to people while hissing.

It is best to shop for the costume after deciding on what you want to dress up as, other wise, you may end up leaving the shop spending more money on several ideas that may, or may not work  rather than just one costume that will. Decide on a costume based on budget first, skill level, and finally time.  If you are determined to be a particular character, but, you find making it isn’t in your budget, get a new budget, or save it for when you have more of a budget.

Next is sketching/writing out the how it will be constructed. Example, for LeeLoo, I will need a wig, I already own a white t-shirt, and I need a spandex stretch material to make the pants, black boots, and all the materials listed on the site for the suspenders (Just the suspenders comes to $150 with shipping to make). The total cost is about $200 for to make this costume.  My two favorite locations when looking for materials for costumes are thrift shops and second hand consignment shops (sometimes consignment shops have out of season clothes for $1.00). If I can’t find the fabric there then I go to the fabric store like Jo-ann. For non fabric materials I like to wander around hardware stores for costumes. Why hardware stores? Simple, they have every color spray paint you can imagine, they have chains, ropes, PVC pipe, exacto blades,  and any other random items you may find to construct the character you want to be.

Final step is to make it. Even with all the supplies in front of you don’t be surprised if you need to make another trip to the hardware or craft store.

Happy crafting all. . .

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