Halloween is over.

My favorite part of Halloween being over is all the craft stores have huge discounts on everything “spooky”.  Every store is turning from black and orange to red and green (stores like to skip Thanksgiving). It means I can stock up on anything seasonal. So come to me cheap wigs, accessories, and any decorations meet my budget.

In other news, I am currently working on making a paper mache Tardis (It will be awesome). I am thinking my Tardis will take me about a month to do since it is close to actual size and winter is approaching. Spray painting is pretty hard for me to do in the winter unless I free some time in my garage and I can’t forget to sand the strips of newspaper to make it nice and smooth (I want it to look clean and sexy).

I am also finishing up my Creeper doll. Stuffing it with (fluffy) dynamite as we speak. I still need to find some scraps of black felt for the face and feet. I used the pattern from instructables.com/id/Minecraft-Stuffed-Creeper-Doll. The nice thing about this tutorial is she teaches the basic stitches need to make any plush creature. Instead of cardboard to keep the head  as a solid block I did use the scrap pieces of iron on stiffener I had left over after making my D20 bag. The link to the d20 project is http://www.evilmadscientist.com/article.php/d20bag. They also sell kits but it is cheaper to just make it from scraps plus more variety in design.

If you don’t want to use a heavy interfacing fabric, you could try making your own clothing spray starch, although, I am not entirely sure how it would turn out. I know that places like the family dollar sell spray starch and I know spray starch is mostly just mixing water and corn starch together. I understand some quilters use it. I am not a quilter, but, if you really want to make starch I found a recipe. Please try on a scrap piece first. When doing any craft that you are unsure how the out come will be, grab a scrap piece first. If you need to stiffen your fabric I would suggest just buying the spray can starch or using interfacing.

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