Quick note

Okay, not all of you visiting this site will not be my Reddit Secret Santa, I believe I only get one, but the one who happen to be it I have a message.

Here it is. . .

First, I love you, because you are awesome. In the lottery of potential people I could have had, you were the chosen.

Second, if you have found this site it means you are most likely stalking in a non-creepy way. Thankyou.

Now back to my Crafting blog.

My nieces and nephew slept over and now we are spraying some old jar lids (ball jar lids to be exact) with white primer and making snow men ornaments. Because of their age, they are less snow men looking, and more random stickers on a lid.  Making the ball lid snow men is easy. What you need is 2 or 3 lids with holes on the top and bottom of each. (you can collect can food lids if you want different sizes, but please sand the edge down so no one gets hurt.), Black felt to make a top hat, and fabric scraps for the scarf. Now you can paint a face  or use orange felt and shape it like  you are making a witch’s hat. Another option is to take a toothpick (or cut the sharpened part of a pencil off. Make sure you have a good exacto knife.) and  paint it orange. You will also need ribbon any color to lace the lids together.

My one neice, she is 5, likes to vary her colors and always says, “I have artist license.” If you want to make a green nose with pink zebra stripes I will not stop you. Be free crafty. Decorate as you like and Just have have fun with the kid’s craft.

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