Cheeseburgers in Paradise

These presents did not turn out as well as the first bunch. The credit card package looks sloppy to me. I must redo it. I tried using stencils for the numbers but I did not get a ruler first to make them even.  The cheeseburger is for my dad. He hates tomatoes so that is why they are missing. The TARDIS on the blue box looks thrown on and must be fixed. Perhaps I will just make the entire box a TARDIS?

Also, I would have posted this yesterday, but, I ran out of construction paper, and was determined to make that cheeseburger! I knew I forgot to pick something up when I was out, but I didn’t remember what till it was to late. A piece of advice, always make a shopping list.  Most of the stuff I used I already had, but other stuff like the cheese burger required new big tan sheets of construction paper.

Well, I have three more presents to go and even more Christmas ornaments to make. I will post as soon as I am done with them as a large group. (I accidentally  previewed one of my ornaments) I hope to have them done by Tuesday but it will probably be more like Friday when I am finished with them.

Well I am off to create.

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