Chapter 2: An Update

It has been quite a while since I posted anything. What you ask have I been up to? Let us see, there was recuperating from Christmas (I ended up not finishing my ornaments till last minute and not posting them), I  had some painting projects, and I cannot lie, I also, have been playing some new games.

To update you on all that kept me from posting, I will begin by declaring, I love day after Christmas deals! I have so many supplies and craft projects for Christmas 2012! It is more exciting to me than day after Valentines Day chocolate clearance. Day after Christmas, there are gift cards to be used and gift cards = “free stuff”.

I also have painting projects, mostly pieces I was procrastinating finishing for a while that I felt need to be done.  I had one quick commissioned pencil drawing and it got me in the mood to create some “master pieces.”

I also brought new games. My favorite currently is Terraria. It is Minecraft  and an RPG game put together and I gets very addicting.  It has been out for a while now and is available to purchase on Steam. I love Steam.

I have also been watching more Anime lately. I am trying to find cute female characters to make a cosplay costume. I was thinking Melfina from Outlaw Star. Well I will probably not have the budget this year but perhaps in another year or two I will. Something to look forward to is always fun!

Tomorrow I will have my Valentine Day craft post. The topic will be melting chocolate and cute crafts for your loved ones.

Stay tune.

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