Screen Printing. . .

Redditgifts is doing a t-shirt exchange that I recently decided to participate in. In the spirit of T-shirt design I started looking up how-to guide to screen printing. I already had a book on the subject that I found in the discount bin about a year ago. It was $5 (Original $19.99)  and turned out to be useful at finding the names of all the supplies I will need and nothing more. It did have some pretty idea starters for designs but nothing that would have been worth $19.99 in help on the subject.

The silk screen are relatively cheap especially if you make the screens yourself. A pre-made screen cost can range from $10 to $30 depending on size and were you buy it.

To start out gathering supplies there is a wide price range from about $100 to $1,000 depending how crazy you want to go and how much you already may have.

One of the easiest sites to go to for your supplies is The prices do not seem over all bad, although, I did not bother looking into the shipping and handling cost.

And for just basics:

I did find a local supply shop but they focus on large scale screen printing rather than a weekend project, and the website is ugly (although I have seen worse).

Now I am off to do more research and convert my space into a crafting domain. I have been trying to organize my craft space for a while now and failing at it. It just keeps getting messy.  Perhaps my next post will be on organizing the work space. Oh how I need help with that.

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