Organizing: Part 1

I spent my day off digging out everything I own, putting everything in different piles, finding places for all the items I am keeping, and throwing out all the items I have no use for. Most of the items I am throwing out are old sketch books and random “Junk” (ticket stubs, my crown from Medieval Times, old magazines from 1995, scraps of paper to small to use for any projects. . .)

After my big organize the stuff day, I discovered I have a large amount of books I do not wish to part with. I really don’t have room to fit a big bookcase in my space and even if I did  a cheap bookcase is expensive to buy.

So I decided shelves maybe a good choice. After all I have lots of wall space.

I found some shelves that interested me:


Well I should probably go and get the supplies and start making these shelves. I am off to create!

Tomorrow I will have some links on storage. I found some really cute storage ideas that will work really well with my space.

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