Organizing: Part 2

So yesterday I talked about shelves today I am talking about Storage. . .

One of my favorite finds was with the Design I liked this site oh so much.

One idea I found on the site was for my growing collection of jewelry and best of all I already have some wall art to use.

My second favorite storage idea from her is: I suspect she really likes Ikea.

There is also making your own secret storage book but I really have to many books to go and make fake ones.

And a door hanger that I made and then modified so I can charge my cell at the same time.

Did I mention I like this site.

Another project is with recycled paper and a little sewing.

There are other sites I thought good for ideas. . .

I love the art supply shelf.

A new favorite site of mine is

They have all kinds of really cool projects for making a crafting space.

There is also my loyalty to

Their helpful organizing ideas are good for sewing craft station and have some shelving diy ideas here.

I also checked out for some really cool shelving inspiration. Not really sure how I can do some of the ideas cheaper yet.

Well if I don’t get on cleaning my crafting area will never get done. I am off.

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