A Home For My Mouse

Just finished making my mousepad. I was looking at my old one I got for free, and really felt tired of reading the company logo and website. “Experience The Difference” online @ www.tobyhannafcu.org (it’s a credit union that I don’t even belong to). The most exciting features of the mouse pad were: it was red, round, and free. Well I grew so tired of it I ripped the fabric design right off and not wanting to waste and unwilling to buy a new one I found a block of fabric I liked, glued it, weighed it down with an over size art book, and cut the fabric to the original round form. I am so happy that it just makes me want to use it. I am off to play some WoW (World of Warcraft) and enjoy my mousepad.

Before I go I will give you three links I found to making your own mousepad. All are very cute, easy, and cheap to make.

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