Waiting For The Paint To Dry

Christmas I received a cute, little, pink glue gun as a gift. It isn’t anything amazing and is as cheap as its price but for quick little projects it serves its purpose. Finally today I used it. This was very exciting.

I have this multi-color table that use to have four matching chairs that my father made. Well the four chairs are long gone thanks to us kids trying to sit in them past the size requirement but the table remains. I keep it in my room as a stand. The multi-color table does not really match with the rest of the room the way I wanted and so I have decided to redesign it and this is why I am waiting for paint to dry.

This brings me back to my Christmas present I finally used. I was content just waiting for the paint to dry when I remembered, over the winter months I still did not finish my TARDIS. Around Christmas I put it away in storage and simply forgot about it. This unfinished glorious blue box needs to be made! How could I have forgotten you.

And that is what I am doing. I am painting my table and maybe my craft bins. They are plastic so I will need special spray paint, a can of spray paint for plastic is about $4-$6. If you have a color already  you can just buy some primer to spray over first. Primer is a glorious and important step in a lot of painting project because the second paint will just look and work better. Primer is especially good if you are painting over something with multi-colors.

Okay that is all I can think to post for now. . . May need more paint.  definitely need more printer ink.


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