Ponies, Magnets, and Recycling

I realized I have not updated in a while and so I will show you some of my work. I just finished my pony art  for the Reddit My Little Pony Gift exchange. Can’t wait to give this to an awesome Brony. The album is:  http://imgur.com/a/G8410#0

Also finished a quick tutorial on how to make magnet Derpy’s eyes


One of my favorite things to do with the free magnets you get from companies that you have absolutely no plans on calling is using them for crafts.

  • Invest in some glass stones. They cost about $2-$5 at a craft store (less if you have a coupon) and cut the magnets to the size of these stones. Last, find images you like that fit well in the stones and glue. Here is a handy tutorial to what I am mentioning about from NotMartha: http://www.notmartha.org/tomake/marblemagnets/ I think some of the links for images don’t work anymore but you can get images from magazines, scrap book paper, photos, etc. . .

Getting free refrigerator magnets isn’t hard, go to any job fair and you will have enough for your entire fridge. Job fairs are also great ways to get pens and pencils. I haven’t bought pens and pencils in years. Another way to get magnets is through restaurants, colleges,  lawyers and realtors. I don’t know why lawyers and realtors love their faces on magnets but they do. I guess because they worry credentials aren’t how people pick lawyers or realtors. Do I want the lawyer with the blue tie or red? The answer is blue if you are the defendant and red if you are the on the civil prosecutor side. I may have the colors backwards.

Using these free magnets saves money for other crafting material, and you are recycling. Thank you businesses who hand magnets out.

Sometimes you will need to spend money on more powerful magnets (an example is if you want a closing tab for a book cover) but for light projects like making refrigerator magnets, free is best.

Have fun finding magnets and creating new projects with them. I hope your fridge becomes an awesome magnet covered art gallery of crafty delight.

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