Decoupage Advice

Recently I have been decoupaging and I am a long time Mod Podge user for most of my decoupaging projects. The projects I don’t really care if they show age after a while and aren’t going to live long before making their way to the trash, recycling bin, or storage room I usually just mix cheap Elmer’s glue and water together. The tutorial for this easy decoupaging fix can be found at  I do not suggest using this tutorial for a sealer because Elmer’s glue will yellow.  explains more on why this tutorial is not a sealer.

Purchase instead a varnish or acrylic sealer. A spray can or paint will cost about $2 to $5, and any craft store or hardware store carries it. There is also this tutorial,  They use acrylic gloss medium but if you like the matte finish look instead that is fine.

From what I have noticed from my own decoupaging experience is Mod Podge does last the longest and is one less step from adding a sealer which is why I prefer purchasing it (usually with a coupon because I am still broke) There are different brands of all-in-one sealer and glue out there. They usually are only cheaper by a couple of cents so it’s fine trying them out and finding out what brand what you like the best.

Well happy Decoupaging.

One thought on “Decoupage Advice

  1. Hi Angie,
    Decoupaging is really a fun art. We have always loved working with it. Hope you are having a good time with it too.

    And thanks for linking to our blog. Really appreciate it.

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