Tabi Socks

For anyone who is interested in the Japanese culture or cosplay, Tabi are traditional Japanese socks with a space between the big toe and the rest of the toes so as to wear with zori (wooden flip flops) or Geta (wooden flip flops with wood planks). It is relatively easy to make your own Tabi socks so long as you have some sewing knowledge and a pair of socks. The most helpful tutorial I found is at Felis Creatibus 365.

I suppose if you want to wear the socks for outside wear without flip flops you can sew a leather bottom to them, like making moccasins.

Anyway I am off to buy some men’s socks to transform into Tabi socks for my sock exchange giftee. He said surprise me so I translate that to Tabi socks. Haven’t decided how I am going to design them but I know I will be using either bleach or Citra Solv to transfer the image onto the sock.

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