Pictures On a Wall

I wanted to redecorate my one wall but now I am not sure if it looks cluttered or not.

I am pretty proud of how my magnetic chalk board  came out. I made it from an 11×14 picture frame. I got a giant clip from the local craft store and painted it black to hold chalk.

I also bought a sheet of cork board and glued it in the frame using my Gorilla glue. The set of frames cost me $10 after the 50% sale at Kohl’s and a $10 reward card that was kindly given to me. So many frames! The cork board was $3 after I used a coupon. The most expensive part was the magnet and chalkboard paint that after coupons (50% off and %40 off) came to about $20.00. Now I have a can of magnet paint and a spray can of chalkboard paint that I am not sure what to do with yet. The total project cost was  about $35.00 which makes me pretty happy.

Well I am off to marvel at my new wall and perhaps straighten some of the frames.

Next week maybe I will find a project to use some of my scraps. Until then.

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