I’m back. . .

It has been I think three months since I last posted. Lets see, first my computer got a virus. That was no big deal, it got cured. Then I went to GenCon and it took about two weeks to fully recuperate.

The voice actor for the Dalek signed a Dalek for me and in the Dalek voice asked me for a spot of tea. It was awesome and I melted a little! This little trinket I keep right next to Cthulhu in a closed case, so I am safe.

And Nichelle Nichols signed my homemade star trek badge. I was beyond thrilled. I died and came back and still didn’t believe I was see this amazing woman. (was dressed in a red shirt uniform so it is possible I did die.)

I keep it next to my Battlestar Galactica present a friend made me one Christmas, and that random fish I got from the Chinese restaurant when they found out it was my birthday. I should really get around to making a tutorial for the BSG present project someday. Meh.

Then my computer’s hard drive died and I had an awkward funeral for it, shipping it away and waiting for the return. The hard drive returned fully functional and atomically correct. I had backups so all I did for a week was put stuff back on Angie II (The name of my computer.) Oh, and then I had to play WoW when I got my computer back, Mists of Pandaria came out. How can I  pass that up?

That about covers everything. Sorry if the images take a while to load. I took them straight from the camera to imgur without thinking.

Well I will post again tomorrow or Wednesday my completed craft corner I made myself with my limited space.

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