My Sewing Kit

My sewing kit. I needed a space for all my sewing things. Best part is if I want to use this box for something else later on, well, I can rightly do so. I used up some more of my chalk paint for the front. The can of paint is almost empty now.  In the inside everything is held up with magnets. How exciting! I was disappointed that the white paint chipped off already.

The project was originally going to be a place to hold my net book, but I remembered I lined the inside with magnetic paint, and putting a net book in there did not seem particularly smart.

The box was originally one of those art kit boxes. I got it when I was about seven or eight for my birthday. It had cheap water paints, oil pastels, a pencil sharpener, and pencils that broke to easily. It was lined with plastic holders for the art supplies. I ripped it out, painted it with magnetic paint (on the inside only),  and covered it with white paint. On the outside I sanded it all down, sprayed some primer on it first, and then sprayed the the chalk paint.  When the paint dried I nailed the top latches back on and nailing the box in place on the wall.

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