Wow so it has been 2 years since my last post

Okay, 2 years, 4 months, and 2 days to be exact, or 852 days. First, I want to say Hi mom! Thanks for learning to use the internet just so you read my blog and tell me all my grammar error. I promise not to curse, much. If your not my mom, hello there. You made me feel popular today, thanks.

I haven’t stopped crafting, but I have stopped posting here for a long time. After going on an all night binge card crafting extravaganza this week I asked myself what happened to my little blog. It was a nice blog, I even made a logo for it. I hate the look of the logo now, and will be changing it. Maybe today, probably tomorrow, definitely by Sunday (I marked it in my calender).  Yes, a nice blog that can organize my hobby so I can look back and think, “That was fun to make.”

After trying way to hard to remember my old password, I reset my password, and here I am.

Now that my intro of my long absence is done let me hand you the short version of the past 2 years, 4 months, and 2 days. I graduated with a degree in Graphic Design and a love for packaging and design, though I am learning web design now to expand my portfolio. I feel cool knowing what both CSS and HTML is without goggling it but there is so much more for designing pages to learn about. It is fun to learn web design but man I miss paper.

Some sad news is the A.C. Moore in my area had a conflict with the landlord, and had to close. This meant I had a huge shopping spree. Best part, they honored the coupon for 20% off the total purchase of regular and sale items. I have so much crafting things, and I still want more. I still want a personal die cutting machine that can cut my own designs, but for now I am unwilling to fork over $140 to $2,000 (The one I want is  the KNK Zing Air but it is $510.) I can go on blogging about die cutting machines, but this is an update post, so later with the custom cutting machines.

At the same time A.C. Moore announced they were leaving, I got engaged to an amazing fellow. About 4 months before our wedding, he found a better job in Virginia. It sucked only being able to see him when he came in every other weekend, but, we are now happily settled in Virginia in a cute apartment that some how fits my crafting supplies.

For our first Christmas together, my husband bought me a Singer sewing machine for Christmas. Best Christmas present ever. Before, any sewing project I wanted to do, I borrowed my mother’s machine for. I am working on making a petty coat right now so that my dresses have a cute puff to them. I am also, finishing my Star Trek Robe.

Another  good thing about the move is I have an A.C. Moore that is only 2 miles from my house instead of the 7 miles I use to have to travel. And, they are hiring part time now. I want a sweet, sweet, employee discount and be surrounded by crafters, artist, and pinterest want-a-triers while stocking shelves of beautiful craft supplies, and already made crafts (for the cheaters). I would be willing to clean up glitter that spilt out of the container, and then find the glitter in random aisles, because, glitter is like a virus that spreads  and gets everywhere and just when you think the last strand is gone, that is when you find a random sparkle of it on your face.  I would like ringing people’s craft buys up and swiping coupons, because, lets face it, that is how you shop at A.C. Moore. I can even use a ruler and have experience matting frames so I can get all up in helping in the custom framing section.

Well cross your fingers I get this gig, because. oh man so many crafts, and if I get hired full time I can have my Esty page to still use my graphic design skills. I already make party things like the flag signs and little cup cake signs and label so I might as well sell the PDFs on-line. I would even be willing to be full time because I like being around art supplies that much.

I will post wedding craft pictures tomorrow, and probably post all the cards I made when I was binge crafting, and maybe actually do a proper tutorial, or give some PDFs of my party goods for free away at some point.  And if I get hired at the craft store I will tell you about it here on Dollar Crafty.

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