Happy free comic book day!

Every year, the first weekend of May is free comic book day. I will be heading out today to pick up my comics. I may try the DIY comic book shoes. Another tutorial says to put a few layers of Mod Podge on and after each coat letting it dry over night and then using steel wool and nail buffer to buff out the bumps from the Mod Podge.

Free comic book day was the inspiration of my logo. (I love my cheesy 50’s portrait) I still want to change the font to a 50’s/60’s retro font from Dafont.com. Most fonts are free for personal use, but if you use it commercially (like making wedding invitations for a client or for a logo for your Etsy site) Price range is usually between $0 – $20 and the selection of fonts is huge. The price really depends on the user who made the font but if you are cheap like me you can go into more options and click the  100% free button to view only images that are free for both personal and commercial.

On a side note, in a folder I store my fonts in a simple word document. I am actually now making this in a spread sheet, so It is cleaner looking. Why I didn’t do a spread sheet earlier, I don’t know. I like to have a separate folder to store several word documents that have the font info.  I have a separate word document for each type of font (script, serif, san-serif, etc.). Each document the font is written (use the font to write its name), listing the website I got the font from in a readable font, and what rights I have to that font. This seems like a lot of work but trust me it saves time in the long run and it makes it easier when your looking for a font from your library. If you don’t do this one quick google search of the font name usually brings it up but when you have someone who is a paying customer asking what other fonts you have, this is a god sent.

For the type I used, though it will be changed later, the title font I am using is “Imprint MT Shadow.” It is one of the already installed fonts on my computer and the tag line under my floating head is “Old Newspaper Type.” I really like this font by Manfred Klein. His fonts are all 100% free, and can be found at Dafont.com as well.

Alright I have to leave soon. Sorry I got carried away talking about fonts and still didn’t post the wedding reception crafts. They are coming. I promise.

the old logo and tag line.
the old logo and tag line.

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