Some of the Fancy Cards

I like making my own cards, they are more personal, and I love hearing the words, “Wow, You made that.” These cards are the cards I wish I had a custom die cutting machine for. They look neat but not professional:

A flip card, birthday card. You can buy the die cutting pattern that does the same effect (all the brands I checked are around $20-$50), however, as long as you have a ruler and know how to measure, making the template isn’t bad. Cutting the circle is.
Here is the birthday card open. Magic! The template was made in illustrator, and printed on plain paper. I then placed my template on top of the paper I wanted cut, secured all layers with blue painters tape, and cut with a very sharp blade.
This is the Christmas cards I made. I know it is early but I was in my sticker box and saw my two die cut stickers I bought for 50 cents and just had to use them. They seem to look very nice in the card. The pattern for this is here: Beccy’s Place. She calls it a napkin fold. If you have time she has a neat A-Z list of different cards.
This is my, Star Trek II Wrath of Khan, birthday card I made for a friend. I remembered he said it was one of his favorite Star Trek uniforms. The insignia was such a pain to cut out that I just got a golden marker for the button part and painted the metal.
Here it is, open to the side. I realized I was out of good magnets and so substituted some stick on Velcro I had in my random craft bin. It worked okay. Magnets, if you have them, would be better.

Those are all the cards for now. I will post my mom’s day cards on Sunday to avoid spoilers. I already scheduled it so I can’t forget.

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