To boldly sew where no one has sewn before

I may or may not have mentioned I was making a robe recently. My goal is to make a Star Trek warm fleece robe. I didn’t want to spend $50 on a robe, only to find out it comes in one size, too big. Because of my size I tend to need children sizes with alterations to fit a lady. If you want a Star Trek robe you can find it here:  JoAnn Fabrics had a sale on fleece and so I picked up four yards of red anti pill fleece fabric and a $1.99 robe pattern. The total came to about $25. I forgot a small remnant piece of black fabric for the neck so my robe is only sort of done.

Sales and red tag are how I buy fabric, however, I did find is reasonably priced and you can order swatches for $1.75 plus $1.50 ($3.75 for Hawaii, Alaska, and international) shipping on most fabrics. Cotton prints don’t have sample swatches, however, for the price, on most projects, I would take my chances. The site even has a fabric glossary so you can learn what the different fabric types are.  Shipping is reasonable and they have a huge selection that you may not be able to find at your local fabric store. For a beginner I would suggest going to a local fabric store to find some remnants  to practice sewing with first. Because the store writes the type of fabric it is, it is a cheap way to find what type of fabrics you like working with, and lets you practice without going bankrupt. Another way to practice is using clothes you don’t want anymore. check the tags to find out what fabric you are using and see how it sews. You can also use a seam ripper to take out zippers and buttons to practice sewing with them. Practice is the best way to get better at anything and sewing is no exception.

My mother was the one who taught me to sew. I thought for fun I would see all the different tutorials offered on-line to learn to sew and was a little shocked to find most of the sites were for beginner projects only, with tips thrown into the directions, and most didn’t mention the very basics of good sewing practice. One of the sites I found helpful for very basic beginners was at The bummer is that she is located in England so the fabric stores she likes are crazy expensive to ship the fabrics to the USA and attending her class is tricky. She does have a book you can order on her site or from amazon prime. Remember to, so some of the money goes to charity. I want this book, but I don’t feel I need this book. Wish List it is.

This project would need an insignia and I had the perfect book, Star Trek Cross-Stitch.  I got this book from my Reddit Secret Santa and found it has a nice selection of patterns and project ideas. The book has a price tag of $19.99 on it but you can get it cheaper on-line. A favorite place to get used books online is, it is free shipping for orders over $10 and most books are only around $4 for new/slightly used condition. I prefer the actual book rather than the Kindle version simply because I have a bad habit of counting using the needle and when I guide my finger to where I am in my pattern I don’t want to accidentally go to the next page. I also like, for patterns that have a lot of the same color, to scan the image, and print so I can scribble out each section as I work on it, such as page 116, an all white cross-stitch of Picard’s head.

On my pilgrimage to my mother’s land to seek out love and adorable advice I finished the cross-stitch for my robe. Finishing this insignia was just bonus to an awesome weekend with some awesome ladies. I love you mom and mom-in-law.

The project turned out pretty good, even if the gold thread was a pain to work with.

I am off to dig in my fabric scraps I brought back to find black fabric for the neck part so I can finally finish this warm robe. Just in time for summer.

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