Guess who is going to Brony Con in August?

This girl! I bought the tickets recently for 3 days though I am not sure  I will be attending all three days or not. To celebrate I made a simple Fluttershy skirt. I added a petticoat to exaggerate the fullness of the skirt using the cheapest tulle I could find, (.50 a yard on sale) scrap fabric that went around my waist twice, and elastic. I also decided to make my own cross-stitch butterflies, because, it felt like a very Fluttershy thing to do. I am not sure if this will be a cosplay costume or not. I really don’t want to invest in blue contacts since my vision is terrible and they would have to be prescription. I also don’t really know where I will store a long pink wig, and boots that are a split between go-go boots and cowboy boots.

The lace and thread I already owned. My cost was $2.50 for a green curtain I got at the thrift store (about 4 yards of fabric), $3.00 for the elastic, and $2.50 for the mesh. After I finished the skirt I proceeded to organize my floss making cute kitties and bobbins, because, the messiness and difficulty finding the colors I wanted, had to come to an end: The kitty pattern I got from The bobbins I made because it was what was left over measuring 12″ x 12″ paper.

I think my next project  will be attempting to make the Fluttershy back-pack. Her cutie mark is on the back and it looks like a fairly simple design. I already got the fabric, $1.50/yard of yellow canvas, white canvas I got for free at my mom’s house, $1.50/yard cotton liner because I was cheap and didn’t want to spend $7.00 on actually liner made for jackets, and $1.00 zipper. I think I will cross-stitch the cutie mark on the back pack while I am at it. When I am done I will show you eventually, unless I forget, or end up not doing it. Well that is all for now.

Happy crafting.

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