A2 Card

This is the most basic card you can make apart from taking a sheet of printer paper and folding it together to make a 5.5″ x 8.5″ card or I guess if you really want a 4.25″ x 11″ card. An A2 size card can be folded without cutting simply by folding the paper in half twice. This isn’t the most professional and clean look for a card but if it is your first home made card and you want your significant other to give you all the kisses it works. It is up to the designer to take an other wise boring design of the base card and turn it into something unique. A2 is one of the most common cards out there because it is easy to take it to the printer and mass produce with little cost and you can find standard invitation envelopes to fit in it. Tools you will need are:

  1. A utility knife, you can get one at any craft store, hardware store, or any store with a craft section. Starting price is about $2. The blade is usually included when you buy the knife but you can pick up cheap blades for $1 for 5 blades. The blades do get dull so always have a scrap piece to test if your not sure if the blade is any good. (You can get away with scissors but the blade makes for a nice straight cut.)
  2. A metal ruler with a cork base that measures a minimum of 12″. The cork base gives a better grip so the ruler doesn’t slip easily making a safer and more accurate cut. The price is about $4.00 for a 12″ one. Cheaper with a coupon at a craft store. If you plan on doing a lot of crafts buy a large one that is at least 24″
  3. Something to cut on. This can be a cutting matte or just a scrap piece of card board. If you want to ruin your tile or make cuts on your table that’s cool too but it makes for trouble later for other crafts. I would hold out till you find a coupon at your local craft store and buy a large cutting matte that has the words “Self Healing” on it. A small self healing matte cost about $10 and you can find it at any craft store or office supply store.
  4.  A pencil to mark your lines for cutting. You can also take a pin if your are confident on measuring.
  5.  Bone folder is optional. I find a paper clip or depending on the paper weight a finger nail, also works just fine for making folds in paper.
  6. And Paper. 8.5″ x11″ or larger to cut it down to 8.5″ x 5.5″.

Once you have all your tools you will cut out the paper so it is sized at 8.5 X 5.5 or  4.25″ x 11″. It all depends how you want the card to open up. You then will take the long side and fold in half. So 8.5″ becomes 4.25 or 11″ becomes 5.5″. Decorate as much as you would like. I made a quick 5 minute card  out of some scraps to show. I realized most of my supplies are in the car and I really didn’t want to delay writing this blog any longer than I already have.

In other crafty events. I have a really hard challenge ahead. My nephew wants to be Emmet from The Lego Movie and my niece wants to be the house that fell on the wicked witch. My sister handed me a bunch of boxes and I have the kids measurements. Problem one is if I need the kids to try on the costume they are 4 hours away. Problem two is my budget is $5 maybe $10  at the most since I currently am saving for a new car. Problem three is making a costume for kids so they can see fine, have use of their hands so they can get at candy, and are able to walk without any trouble. The good part is there are others who also made these costumes in the past and have posted both pictures and tutorials.  Wish me luck.

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