Wow so it has been 2 years since my last post

Okay, 2 years, 4 months, and 2 days to be exact, or 852 days. First, I want to say Hi mom! Thanks for learning to use the internet just so you read my blog and tell me all my grammar error. I promise not to curse, much. If your not my mom, hello there. You made me feel popular today, thanks.

I haven’t stopped crafting, but I have stopped posting here for a long time. After going on an all night binge card crafting extravaganza this week I asked myself what happened to my little blog. It was a nice blog, I even made a logo for it. I hate the look of the logo now, and will be changing it. Maybe today, probably tomorrow, definitely by Sunday (I marked it in my calender).  Yes, a nice blog that can organize my hobby so I can look back and think, “That was fun to make.”

After trying way to hard to remember my old password, I reset my password, and here I am.

Now that my intro of my long absence is done let me hand you the short version of the past 2 years, 4 months, and 2 days. I graduated with a degree in Graphic Design and a love for packaging and design, though I am learning web design now to expand my portfolio. I feel cool knowing what both CSS and HTML is without goggling it but there is so much more for designing pages to learn about. It is fun to learn web design but man I miss paper.

Some sad news is the A.C. Moore in my area had a conflict with the landlord, and had to close. This meant I had a huge shopping spree. Best part, they honored the coupon for 20% off the total purchase of regular and sale items. I have so much crafting things, and I still want more. I still want a personal die cutting machine that can cut my own designs, but for now I am unwilling to fork over $140 to $2,000 (The one I want is  the KNK Zing Air but it is $510.) I can go on blogging about die cutting machines, but this is an update post, so later with the custom cutting machines.

At the same time A.C. Moore announced they were leaving, I got engaged to an amazing fellow. About 4 months before our wedding, he found a better job in Virginia. It sucked only being able to see him when he came in every other weekend, but, we are now happily settled in Virginia in a cute apartment that some how fits my crafting supplies.

For our first Christmas together, my husband bought me a Singer sewing machine for Christmas. Best Christmas present ever. Before, any sewing project I wanted to do, I borrowed my mother’s machine for. I am working on making a petty coat right now so that my dresses have a cute puff to them. I am also, finishing my Star Trek Robe.

Another  good thing about the move is I have an A.C. Moore that is only 2 miles from my house instead of the 7 miles I use to have to travel. And, they are hiring part time now. I want a sweet, sweet, employee discount and be surrounded by crafters, artist, and pinterest want-a-triers while stocking shelves of beautiful craft supplies, and already made crafts (for the cheaters). I would be willing to clean up glitter that spilt out of the container, and then find the glitter in random aisles, because, glitter is like a virus that spreads  and gets everywhere and just when you think the last strand is gone, that is when you find a random sparkle of it on your face.  I would like ringing people’s craft buys up and swiping coupons, because, lets face it, that is how you shop at A.C. Moore. I can even use a ruler and have experience matting frames so I can get all up in helping in the custom framing section.

Well cross your fingers I get this gig, because. oh man so many crafts, and if I get hired full time I can have my Esty page to still use my graphic design skills. I already make party things like the flag signs and little cup cake signs and label so I might as well sell the PDFs on-line. I would even be willing to be full time because I like being around art supplies that much.

I will post wedding craft pictures tomorrow, and probably post all the cards I made when I was binge crafting, and maybe actually do a proper tutorial, or give some PDFs of my party goods for free away at some point.  And if I get hired at the craft store I will tell you about it here on Dollar Crafty.


What Have I Given My Redditor Giftees?

First gift is my Holiday Card Exchange. My sister requested I get her a sensible gift card from Walmart. I don’t particular like going to  Walmart but for her I ventured forth. While there, I found myself staring at the huge selection of gift cards. Why anyone would need that many different styles of gift cards for one store, I know not. Well I found three different gift cards I found just too adorable to pass by. They were shaped like Santa, a snow man, and a Christmas tree. After some time and asking some stranger’s opinions, it was voted on the snow man. One guy suggested I just take them all, but only put money on some but that seemed silly some how and I felt guilty just taking the little plastic card so I made sure to put $5.00 on it. My sister received more. You can up vote if you like (do it!)

Next is my Minecraft project, which was the cause of three different paper cuts.

  • I made the creeper out of fun foam and glued an led tea light in its head with the switch cut out to turn it on and off.
  • The pick axe and sword are made from carefully cut fun foam and gluing the pieces to a thick  black foam base. I did this for both front and back so it would look completed.
  • Then I killed my printer’s ink supply and printed 8.5 x 11 inch sheets of cobblestone to line the box.
  • I am sure there is a template to make the cobblestone box pattern, I just used the first cobblestone image I found that was large enough to print a full 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper and made a box template with the measurements I needed.
  • I measured the box to find out how big I had to make the blocks for them to fit inside nicely, printed all 48 box templates that I made, cut all them out, and glued each block.
  • I was going to make more cobblestone blocks for the creeper, but I was tired and figured the creeper would just explode those blocks anyway. I was also going to print and glue the cobblestone to the base board of the sword but my printer took all it could. so I just cut two holes and grabbed a black twisty tie to secure the sword.
  • I finished the whole project around 12 am, so the lighting is crappy.  Sleepy Angie using her camera on her phone is a bad photographer. The redditor I had did a much better job photographing than me. Please also up vote. Did I mention the paper cuts?


More Christmas Wrappings

First is MST3K package. I used the back of an old poster to wrap it in and some black paper cut to look like the MST3K crowd. For those who do not know what MST3K is I shall tell you. MST3K is short for Mystery Science Theater 3,000. It was a show that ran from 1988 to 1999. In the show a man named Joel (later replaced by a man named Mike) and his robot friends would make fun of bad movies. Rift tracks are still around and are some good times if you enjoy bad movies.

Next is Super Mario Question Box. I wonder how many coins will fall out or maybe Mario will level up? Only I know what is inside!

My Sewing Kit

My sewing kit. I needed a space for all my sewing things. Best part is if I want to use this box for something else later on, well, I can rightly do so. I used up some more of my chalk paint for the front. The can of paint is almost empty now.  In the inside everything is held up with magnets. How exciting! I was disappointed that the white paint chipped off already.

The project was originally going to be a place to hold my net book, but I remembered I lined the inside with magnetic paint, and putting a net book in there did not seem particularly smart.

The box was originally one of those art kit boxes. I got it when I was about seven or eight for my birthday. It had cheap water paints, oil pastels, a pencil sharpener, and pencils that broke to easily. It was lined with plastic holders for the art supplies. I ripped it out, painted it with magnetic paint (on the inside only),  and covered it with white paint. On the outside I sanded it all down, sprayed some primer on it first, and then sprayed the the chalk paint.  When the paint dried I nailed the top latches back on and nailing the box in place on the wall.

I’m back. . .

It has been I think three months since I last posted. Lets see, first my computer got a virus. That was no big deal, it got cured. Then I went to GenCon and it took about two weeks to fully recuperate.

The voice actor for the Dalek signed a Dalek for me and in the Dalek voice asked me for a spot of tea. It was awesome and I melted a little! This little trinket I keep right next to Cthulhu in a closed case, so I am safe.

And Nichelle Nichols signed my homemade star trek badge. I was beyond thrilled. I died and came back and still didn’t believe I was see this amazing woman. (was dressed in a red shirt uniform so it is possible I did die.)

I keep it next to my Battlestar Galactica present a friend made me one Christmas, and that random fish I got from the Chinese restaurant when they found out it was my birthday. I should really get around to making a tutorial for the BSG present project someday. Meh.

Then my computer’s hard drive died and I had an awkward funeral for it, shipping it away and waiting for the return. The hard drive returned fully functional and atomically correct. I had backups so all I did for a week was put stuff back on Angie II (The name of my computer.) Oh, and then I had to play WoW when I got my computer back, Mists of Pandaria came out. How can I  pass that up?

That about covers everything. Sorry if the images take a while to load. I took them straight from the camera to imgur without thinking.

Well I will post again tomorrow or Wednesday my completed craft corner I made myself with my limited space.

July Fourth. . .

I have this friend who was born today.  To reduce spoilers for her, I waited until now to post the card I made her. . .

The card is suppose to be a rocket. I learned how to make the dress from:

I also finished making my TARDIS magnets for Reddit Arbitrary today. I bought him blue frames just in case he wants to hang them on the wall instead of on his fridge, and some organic fair trade teas. . . because tea is delicious (My favorite is Chai) and so very British.

I will be shipping that tomorrow and working on my Arbitrary Day PLUS present. that will be filled with Dr. Seuss and perhaps gardening too.

Off to bed I must go to dream of crafts and designs.

Shameless Self Promotion

I know I have not been updating like I should. It isn’t that I stopped crafting. I can never stop using my creativity just like Dr. Bruce Banner can never be free of the Hulk. Luckily my creativity does not smash and break things (often).

I am not particularly good at chatting on a blog and I always seem to fail at being subtle.  There is no easy way to say this but it must be said.

I just started a portfolio at redbubble and I am shamelessly promoting my redbubble work. I promise even if I do make some money from the sales I will still be budget smart with my crafts. Buy some stickers and t-shirts if not from me then from some awesome artist (although I would prefer me).

Buy my work

I will also be posting other designs besides the toast. That was just my intro design(I have 9 different toast designs).

In the future if you see a redbubble logo on this page  it will mean I added some more work and I want you all to check it out.

Pictures On a Wall

I wanted to redecorate my one wall but now I am not sure if it looks cluttered or not.

I am pretty proud of how my magnetic chalk board  came out. I made it from an 11×14 picture frame. I got a giant clip from the local craft store and painted it black to hold chalk.

I also bought a sheet of cork board and glued it in the frame using my Gorilla glue. The set of frames cost me $10 after the 50% sale at Kohl’s and a $10 reward card that was kindly given to me. So many frames! The cork board was $3 after I used a coupon. The most expensive part was the magnet and chalkboard paint that after coupons (50% off and %40 off) came to about $20.00. Now I have a can of magnet paint and a spray can of chalkboard paint that I am not sure what to do with yet. The total project cost was  about $35.00 which makes me pretty happy.

Well I am off to marvel at my new wall and perhaps straighten some of the frames.

Next week maybe I will find a project to use some of my scraps. Until then.

Tabi Socks

For anyone who is interested in the Japanese culture or cosplay, Tabi are traditional Japanese socks with a space between the big toe and the rest of the toes so as to wear with zori (wooden flip flops) or Geta (wooden flip flops with wood planks). It is relatively easy to make your own Tabi socks so long as you have some sewing knowledge and a pair of socks. The most helpful tutorial I found is at Felis Creatibus 365.

I suppose if you want to wear the socks for outside wear without flip flops you can sew a leather bottom to them, like making moccasins.

Anyway I am off to buy some men’s socks to transform into Tabi socks for my sock exchange giftee. He said surprise me so I translate that to Tabi socks. Haven’t decided how I am going to design them but I know I will be using either bleach or Citra Solv to transfer the image onto the sock.